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Competition NewsOn March 19th, the 13th “Challenge Cup” Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Competition came to a close at Beijing Institute of Technology.

After undergoing intense competition at the university, provincial, and national levels, two projects from the Medical School stood out and represented the university in the National Finals. With the full support of the mentors and the determination of the students, the projects achieved outstanding results in the National Finals, winning one gold and one silver medal. This showcased the remarkable capabilities of the medical students at Nanjing University who believe that “there is no youth without challenge.” “The Brain Exploration First--Global Leading Intelligent Detection System for Intracranial Aneurysms” project won the gold medal, while the “GaitTracker: A 3D Gait Analysis and Movement Function Monitoring System for the Elderly” project won the silver medal. This marks the first time that the Medical School has participated in the “Challenge Cup” National Finals, the first time that two projects have entered the National Finals, and the first time that we have achieved such excellent results, making it a historic breakthrough for the School in the “Challenge Cup” competition.

Competition IntroductionThe “Challenge Cup” Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Competition is held every two years and has been held for 13 consecutive sessions. Since its launch in 2022, this year’s competition has attracted more than 1.4 million college students from over 3,000 colleges and universities across 32 provinces, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions, who submitted more than 330,000 innovative and entrepreneurial projects. 463 projects entered the national final competition, with 154 gold prize-winning projects ultimately selected. The “Challenge Cup” has become one of the most representative and influential science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competitions for college students in China and is known as the “Olympic” event of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship for Chinese college students.

Competition ReviewThe current “Challenge Cup” competition was launched in March 2022. With the leadership of the university’s Youth League Committee and the strong support from various relevant departments and schools, the leaders of the Medical School attached great importance to the competition and provided full support. They extensively publicized and mobilized among teachers and students, actively organized preparations, and recommended a total of six projects to the university. After intense competition in the university and provincial levels, two projects made it to the national competition and represented the university in the current “Challenge Cup” National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition.

The Intelligent Housekeeping Project for Intracranial Aneurysms was preparing for the competition

GaitTracker” Project was conducting community research

Pre-competition training and meticulous preparation

Pre-competition training and meticulous preparation

Waiting before the competition presentation

Introduce the “Intelligent Housekeeping Project for Intracranial Aneurysms” to Fu Zhenbang, Secretary of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Youth League

Introduction to the award-winning team

Awards Received: Gold Medal

Project Name: Head Exploration First - Global Leading Intelligent Detection System for Intracranial Aneurysms

Instructors: Zhang Longjiang, Lu Guangming, Zhang Xin, etc

Team members: Shi Zhao, Wang Jiaxin, Hu Bin, Zuo Chuxiao, Cai Xiaochen, Guan Miaoyan, Li Zhouyao, Kong Xinle, Gu Qiuhan, Zou Yan, Zhang Min, etc

Project Introduction: “Brain Exploration Technology” originated from the founder’s participation in a national key scientific research project. The team independently built the world’s largest gold standard database, developed a globally leading intelligent exploration system for intracranial aneurysms, and solved two major global challenges: intelligent detection and rupture risk discrimination. It has completed multiple rounds of clinical validation and has been recognized by several academicians.

Awards Received: Silver Medal

Project Name: Little Steps, Thousand Miles--GaitTracker 3D Gait Analysis and Motion Function Monitoring System for the Exercise Selfcare Ability of the Elderly Population

Instructors: Ke Lu, Xie Lei, Zhao Yapu, etc

Team members: Lv Cheng, Liu Zirui, Duan Gaolei, Peng Qinghua, Zhou Can, Zhang Ruixin, Wang Jiaolong, Fan Long, Guo Qing, Lin Jiajia, Zhang Zongwen, Huang Mingfeng, Xu Yao, Li Lianglan, Wang Lanting

Project introduction: The GaitTracker gait analysis system is mainly used for screening and assessment of the high-risk group of elderly people with movement disorders. By combining professionalism and usability in a wearable device and using original big data algorithms, it achieves 3D reconstruction and dynamic analysis of gait, helping Chinese elderly people maintain their health and longevity.

The School has always attached great importance to talent cultivation. Based on the characteristics of medical disciplines and interdisciplinary integration, it has worked hard to create a practical platform for young students to innovate, start businesses, and excel. With the strong support of the School leadership and active participation of faculty and students, as well as policy and institutional support, the School is dedicated to cultivating outstanding clinical leaders and medical scientists, making greater contributions to building the “First-Class Nanjing University” and serving the “Healthy China” strategy.