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Tenure-Track/TenuredFaculty Openings

MedicalSchool of Nanjing University, China


1. Descriptionof Openings

TheMedical School of University plans to recruit outstanding youngtalents from all over the world who are interested in major researchdirections in the field of basic medicine to work in the School. Theschool intends to recruit a total of 4 candidates, includingtenure-track associate professor or tenure-track assistant professor(no more than 1 tenure-track associate professor). Thecandidates are expected to teach and research in the following areas:

(1)Cell biology

(2)Genetic developmental biology

(3)New medical interdiscipline


(5)Pathogenic biology

(6)Pharmaceutical Science

2. Qualifications

(1)Compliance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republicof China, and have a passion for teaching and research.

(2)Compliance with academic integrity, work diligently, have no criminalrecord, and no records of punishment for violating teacher ethics andacademic ethics;

(3)First-class academic background: Candidates should have a in a relevant subject area,have theexperience of studying and working in first-class teaching andscientific research institutions, and be familiar with internationalcutting-edge research trends in related fields. Assistant professorsare required to have at least 2 years of academic research experienceafter obtaining their doctoral degree; tenure-track associateprofessors are required to have at least 4 years of academic researchexperience after obtaining their doctoral degree.

(4)Excellent teaching ability: Candidates should be able to teach corebasic courses and cutting-edge courses, have a good grasp of teachingmethods, and possess strong language expression ability.

(5)Outstanding research achievements and future research potential:Candidates should have a demonstrated record of research achievementsin their relevant research area, possess original perspectives ontheir research field, have clear future research plans, and have goodacademic potential.


3. ApplicationMaterials Required

(1)Application letter for the position (should specify the appliedresearch field and the specific position)

(2)Detailed CV (including a publication list)

(3)Research Statement

(4)Research Plan

(5)Three reference letters

(6)Teaching Statement


4. Workingat Nanjing University

Asuccessful applicant will be provided with:

(1)Public institution position or refer to public institution position

(2)Competitive and negotiable salary

(3)Start-up research funds

(4)Quotas to supervise graduate students.

(5)Moving allowance and possible housing subsidy

(6)Assistance in arranging primary and secondary education for children


5.Important Dates

Applicationdeadline: June 31, 2023

Expecteddate of announcement of application results: September, 2023


6.Contact Information

Tel.:+86-25-83686451 (Ms. Peng)


 Address:Room 202, Southeast Building, Medical School, Nanjing University, 22Hankou Road, Nanjing, 210093, China