Campus Culture


On the evening of March 25, 2023, the themed evening party “Medical Journey to the Future” organized by the Medical School of Nanjing University was grandly held in the lecture hall of the Science and Technology Building of Nanjing University Gulou Campus. Wang Ani, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Mediccal School, Gu Yunqian, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School, Wang Henghui, the graduate counselor, and Lin Fengzhi, the student affairs secretary, were invited to attend this evening party and to experience the youth and passion of medical school students.

In the spring of March, everything is renewed. At the beginning of the party, Deputy Secretary Wang Ani gave an opening reamark expressing her expectations for the party. She mentioned that under the goal of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress and building “the first-class Nanjing University,” it is necessary to create a strong cultural atmosphere in the School, enhance students’ sense of belonging to the School, and let everyone feel the warmth and care of the big family of the Medical School. She encouraged students to not let down the Party’s trust and expectations, to not waste their youth, and to show their youthful vigor.

The subsequent opening performance was a dance, where two female dancers danced passionately to the lively melody of the song “Gee,” successfully igniting the atmosphere of the entire audience.

The evening party were divided into three sections with the themes of “Youth Dream,” “Medical Journey,” and “Striving Forward.” From dreaming to action and then to the journey of striving forward, it perfectly corresponds to the theme of youth for medical students. In the section of “Youth Dream,” the songs “Riding the Wind,” “Cheng Aiyin,” and “Hummingbird” led students to look back on the past, keep their original aspirations, and bravely move forward like breaking waves. In the section of “Medical Journey,” the songs “If I Have You,” the dance “No Tomorrow,” the rap ”Lose Yourself,” and the sketch “Who is Better: Me or Her” showcased the students’ desires to cherish the present, pursue their better selves, and keep each other company on the long medical journey towards their dream. In the section of “Striving Forward,” the dance “Antifragile,” the song “So Many People in This World,” and the recitation “Smiling and Silence” revealed the students’ determination to face challenges directly and to strive for a better future, even if the path ahead is difficult.

Finally, everyone sang the school anthem of Nanjing University together, and the evening ended in a harmonious and melodious atmosphere. The exciting and diverse programs provided us with a wonderful audio-visual feast, and also fully demonstrated the youthful vitality and elegant demeanor of our students.

The School would like to thank all the performers for their excellent performances and express the heartfelt gratitude to every hardworking staff member who contributed to the success of the evening! The School hopes that everyone will carry their dreams and passion in 2023, face challenges without fear, and move forward together towards a bright future in the field of medicine!